Custom Automated Systems

Automatic Transformer Observation System (ATOS): Create a custom system for any application

ATOS is designed to reduce measuring time and increase test performance.

A modular design, based on Raytech devices, offers the possibility to create a custom solution for any application. The ability to perform multiple tests accurately while requiring setting up your cabling only once per transformer, will save you time and money. Operation of each piece of test equipment can be done on the touch screen or by remote control.

  • Minimizes cable connection time
  • All measurements with one cabling per transformer, including winding resistance and turns ratio
  • Use up to three multiplexers and measure transformers with three winding systems with one cabling sequence
  • No precision loss compared to single usage of devices
  • Different currents at the same time on primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Create your own configuration containing from one to three multiplexers, from one to three winding resistance meters and one turns ratio meter
  • Control your tap changer with a powerful tap changer interface
  • Operate all instruments on a touch screen or by remote control
  • Integrated Safety Unit providing fused electrical power, central interlock system and central warning lamp interface