TR-Mark III: Fully Automatic, Three Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

The TR-Mark III has a color LCD with a back light and touch screen, which increases handling and user comfort.

Two USB interfaces make it easy to store measurements on external storage devices, transfer easily to a personal computer and transfer or download nameplate data of the transformer to test.

  • Automatic measurements of voltage, turns ratio, current, and phase displacement
  • Easy one-time hook up to the transformer
  • Automatic test voltage range
  • Displays deviation from a nominal ratio
  • Tap changer interface with graphic results
  • Load on test object <0.05 VA
  • Measures power transformers PTs and CTs
  • Automatic vector group detection
  • Displays % error vs. name plate value
  • Enhanced heavy-duty protection circuitry
  • Emergency stop push button immediately turns off output
  • Internal printer
  • Data storage of over 10,000 measurements
  • Simple-to-operate color LCD touch screen with back light
  • Two USB interfaces
  • 5-Year standard warranty