50A – 3-Channel

WR50-13R: 50 Amp, 3 Channel Winding Resistance Meter with Demagnetization and Discharge

The WR50-13R winding resistance meter is the same instrument as the WR50-13 but built into a 19” rack housing.

Therefore, it can be used very well in test labs or be assembled into complete measurement systems.

Raytech’s digital winding resistance meter WR50-13R is the enhanced version winding resistance system with a most advanced demagnetizing circuit as a rack version. It is designed for a high degree of accuracy for the measurement of very low resistance of any inductive load.

Unique Measuring Technique: This newly designed technique of measurement incorporates a high precision measurement circuit, a unique power source, and the fastest discharge on the market.

Operation: The WR series of instruments apply a preset current level, selected by the user, from 0.025A to 50A. The results are reported on the easy-to-read color LCD display and can be stored.

Advanced Protection: Upon powering on, the system initializes itself with a self-calibrating, circuit checking sequence. If any problem is detected during initialization or operation, the operator will be notified immediately. The system constantly monitors the condition when turned on. The WR series have extensive protection built into the circuitry. This is one of the many reasons we can extend our warranty to 5 years.