T-Rex R
Phase Angle Extender

T-Rex R: Fully Automatic, Three Phase Voltage Extension to Turns Ratio Meter

The T-Rex R is the same instrument as the T-Rex, but built into a 19″ rack housing.

Therefore, it can be used very well in test labs or be assembled into complete measurement systems. The T-Rex R three phase voltage extension is an optional system accessory for 3-Phase transformer ratio meter test sets designed by Raytech (i.e. TR-Mark III). The T-Rex R was designed to give Engineers and Test Technicians the ability to test the phase relationships and actual voltage ratios of transformer windings while applying three phase voltage.

The system (in connection with a 3 phase Raytech Turns Ratio meter) precisely measures the ratio and angular relationship of transformer phases with voltage applied to all three phases simultaneously. This is a “real condition” measurement, which allows greater understanding of how the transformer will operate connected to a 3 phase system.

The T-Rex is especially useful for transformers with:

  • Phase relationships other than multiples of 30°
  • Zig Zag windings
  • Uncentered neutral points
  • Suspected broken, damaged, or missing core laminations

The T-Rex R comes complete to connect to the Raytech TR-Spy, TR-Mark II R, TR-Mark III R, or TR-Mark III R 250V three phase transformer ratio meter.

  • Optional system accessory for 3-phase transformer ration meter test sets designed by Raytech
  • Fully remote-controlled by TR-Mark II, TR-Mark III, and TR-Mark III 250V
  • Single hook up to the transformer
  • Outputs a pure three phase sine wave
  • Automatic selection of test voltage frequency
  • Measures phase relationships other than multiples of 30°
  • Measures phase shifting transformer
  • Measures power rectifier transformer
  • Unique system on the market
  • 5-Year standard warranty